Reviv Our wellness journey began in 2011 when four emergency room physicians with a combined 40 years of clinical experience came together with a common thought   To bring IV therapies to a private spa-like setting and make them accessible and affordable for the mass population.


Ordera Ordera is focusing on enhancing the pickup experience in the F&B market, the take-away market size is worth $11 Billion a year. The need for distance ordering has increased dramatically, the users will not want to get closer to other human beings as well as not having to hand cash or even credit cards…


CashDrop Cashdrop is a simple and powerful ordering tool that empowers businesses, new and old, to make the most of each transaction. With no commission or fees, a simple to use app and powerful tools through each step of the customer journey, Cashdrop is a new way to business, the right way.


LA7 Derived from the mindset of an Olympic Champion and the world’s number 1 fitness figure we are proud to launch a new unique concept that serves people like no other, a fitness facility that will change lives and revolutionize personal and functional training. LA7 is the mix between fancy and efficient, elite and hardcore.…


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